Top 10 Tamil Love Short Films

Top 10 Tamil Love Short Films. Here you can get the top and best 10 Tamil Love short films 2018 below.

1.Mudhal Kanave ( Feb 29, 2015 )

Mudhal Kanave – Award Winning Romantic Tamil Short Film.

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2.Enai Saaithaale ( Nov 28, 2014 )

‘Enai Saaithaale’ is a breezy Tamil short film fitting to the Romance genre. Fasten your seat belts and join the romantic journey of Krish and Aishu.

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3.Haiku Nee – One F**ked Up Love Story ( Jul 24, 2015 )

Watch Haiku Nee Tamil Short Film 2015 – One F**ked Up Love Story by Se Pictures with English subtitles
Everyone has that one f**ked up Love story in their lives. Between Arjun and Ramya, their love story is really f**ked up.
What happened between them ?
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4.29 – Love Story ( May 4, 2015 )

Watch 29 Tamil Short Film
29 New Tamil Romantic Short Films 2015
29 is a romantic Short Film which blends Multiple themes and this is our first venture,


5.Yedho Maayam Seithaai (ஏதோ மாயம் செய்தாய்) Tamil Romantic Comedy ( Nov 22, 2014 )


6.En Iniya Pon Nilave ( Jul 17, 2014 )

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7.Yaaro Ivan ( Aug 28, 2014 )

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8.Yeno Vaanilai Maaruthey ( Feb 18, 2017 )

Yeno Vaanilai Maaruthey – A Romantic Comedy Shortfilm. It’s a common and commercial love story which everyone should crossed in their life.

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9.Perfect You ( Mar 2, 2014 )

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10.At least Oru Mutham ( Jun 6, 2014 )

In the world of husband and wife both working. What do they want, love or money?
A story about such couple struggling to get their life together.

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